Our New Ship The SeaFrance Rodin

SeaFrance is proud to announce the introduction of the fastest ferry on the Dover to Calais route. Launched in November 2001 she is the largest ever to operate on the route.

At 185 metres long, 28 metres wide and 32,000 gross tonnes, she is able to carry up to 1,900 passengers in the highest standards of comfort and offers sufficient capacity for 120 lorries or 700 cars. Service speed is up to 25 knots, making her the fastest ferry on the Dover to Calais route and reducing the crossing time to approximately one hour.

The passenger facilities of the SeaFrance Rodin

Spacious, bright and convivial surroundings are the main characteristics of the SeaFrance Rodin. Situated on the two upper decks, the passenger areas make the most of the massive size of the vessel (185 metres) and up to 50 metres longer than the current vessels.

The big lateral glass walls not only provide natural light to the passenger areas and the walkways but also provide panoramic views during the crossing.

The layout and décor of the passenger areas create a refined and warm atmosphere ideal for relaxation and conviviality.