Knowing your Cruise: a Tour through France

Would you like to go on a cruise in France on the Rhone, the Seine, the Rhine or a cruise on the Danube? Cruise club offers you all year long beautiful river cruises. Discover a wide choice of cruises with CroisiEurope, Viking or Lufhner. Our specialized agency for more than 10 years in river cruises has selected for you the most beautiful escapades. Go to Cruise Critic site and book now!

Choosing your Cruise

If cruise seems to rhyme with sea, it is quite possible to make a cruise in fresh water. Just like sea cruises, these will lead you to exceptional places. If you do not want to leave the French territory, you can choose a cruise along the Rhone or the Seine. The first trip will make you discover the beauty of Provence, while the second offers the opportunity to admire the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris and many other Parisian monuments. If you want to explore the Rhine Valley by river, you will opt for a cruise along the Moselle and the Rhine.


A river cruise is aboard ships smaller than cruise ships, specially chartered for sea voyages. CroisiEurope, the specialist in river cruises, embarks you on board of human-sized boats, equipped with all the necessary comfort to make you spend a pleasant stay.

As soon as you board you are greeted and taken care of by the flight crew. The time to enjoy your welcome cocktail your suitcase is already delivered in your cabin. From your installation on board you can attend the presentation of the crew which will give you all the information on the smooth running of your cruise.


While waiting for the stopovers, you will be able to admire the landscapes which parade while enjoying the sun, comfortably installed in your deckchair, or to go to meet the other passengers in the lounge with the elegant but intimate decoration. You can also, if you wish, book on the first day your excursions. As such, ask the speakers or staff of the tour office to give you the valuable information you need to avoid the most beautiful places in each city you visit.

River cruises bring another dimension to your escapades. Unlike ocean cruises on large cruise ships, river cruises are more likely to be used by customers looking for a more intimate and stopover-oriented ship.

A Romantic Journey

What could be more romantic than sailing along the beautiful Blue Danube or back up the Nile to contemplate Egyptian curiosities? Depending on the route you choose, the departure of your cruise can be done at the port of Strasbourg or in other European ports.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from our cruise experts to find the river cruise in harmony with your dreams of escape.

Have you planned a cruise in Asia? Why not opt for a great adventure along the Mekong? This escapade will make you discover the treasures of the Far East with another look. Your stopovers will take you to authentic places like floating villages of Vietnam that stand majestically in the middle of the water. Also enjoy the time spent on land to explore the ancient monuments such as the temples of Angkor Siem Reap.