Dubrovnik Old Town

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August 16, 2017

Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, lies on the banks of the Adriatic Sea, to the south of the country.

When it comes to places to visit in Dubrovnik, the first thing that comes to mind is the Old Town, which is the most beautiful spot in the city, surrounded by the city walls. Old Town is a beautifully restored building surrounded by walls.

One of the things to do in Dubrovnik is to swim in the cool waters of the Adriatic Sea in summer. The nearest and nicest beach is Banje Beach, right next to the Old Town. If you have time, you can cool off in the cold waters of the Adriatic.

Although Dubrovnik is heavily touristed in many parts of the world, there are not as many hotels in the city. The form of the business is very intelligent. Houses that are home for this business, such as those with more rooms, decorate the house rooms like a hotel room and rent them. The rented room is called “Sobe” in Dubrovnik, and “Sobe” signs are on every corner of the city.

You will not have a lot of difficulty eating and drinking in Dubrovnik, but you will have to spend some money. There are many restaurants in Old Town. It has become even more so that nearly half of the alleys occupy much of the restaurant tables.

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