Knowing your Cruise: a Tour through France

Would you like to go on a cruise in France on the Rhone, the Seine, the Rhine or a cruise on the Danube? Cruise club offers you all year long beautiful river cruises. Discover a wide choice of cruises with CroisiEurope, Viking or Lufhner. Our specialized agency for more than 10 years in river cruises has selected for you the most beautiful escapades. Go to Cruise Critic site and book now!

Choosing your Cruise

If cruise seems to rhyme with sea, it is quite possible to make a cruise in fresh water. Just like sea cruises, these will lead you to exceptional places. If you do not want to leave the French territory, you can choose a cruise along the Rhone or the Seine. The first trip will make you discover the beauty of Provence, while the second offers the opportunity to admire the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris

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